SPUG: Call for Topics (and Speakers)

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Wed Jan 16 08:08:20 PST 2008

On 15/01/08 22:23 -0800, Gryphon Shafer wrote:
> Greetings all,
> w00t, I have wireless at Colman dock. :) Anyway, I'd like to put out a
> call for topics and speakers for upcoming SPUG meetings. If you have
> topic ideas or would like to volunteer to speak, I'd like to hear from
> you. Speaking is both fun and rewarding. Not so much rewarding in the
> monetary sense, but maybe some free beer. Don't feel like you have to
> be a guru or genius to be a speaker; all are welcomed and encouraged
> to volunteer.
> Question for the SPUG list: Over the past few meetings, we've been
> talking about some pretty advanced topics, which is awesome, but I'm
> wondering what you all think about if we should offer a few more basic
> topics from time to time. It may help to attract some newer-to-Perl
> people into SPUG. At the same time, I don't want to loose the kind of
> climate we have now. What do you think?

I think that a good speaker has things to offer for all levels. When I
first got started with SPUG, Damian Conway came to town. His talks are
at the same time not fully understandable by anyone and completely
enjoyable by everyone. Seeing his talks inspired me to learn more about
Perl. It also inspired me to try to give inspiring talks.

I'm certainly no Damian, none of us are. But we can aspire to be. :)

There are a lot of computer languages these days. Rather than cater to
newbies to join Perl by training them in basics, I think it's better to
blow them out of the water with the full awesomeness of Perl. Make Perl
feel like a cult worth following.


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