Daina Wilburn dwilburn at whitepages.com
Wed May 2 11:57:53 PDT 2007

Hi everyone, 

So the time for our next meeting is approaching very soon- less than two
weeks, and I'm searching for a speaker.  Actually, it would be great if
we could get a couple of volunteers for upcoming months.  If you can't
get something together for this month, but could commit to, say, August,
or Novemember, or June, then that would be great as well.  But in the
near-term, if you know of someone that you would recommend, please
forward this onto them or let me know and I'll try to reach out to them,
or if you feel an urge to purge some important, or not so important
words of wisdom, please let me know, OK?

Anyway, you may now go back to your regularly scheduled programming...

And, thanks!

Daina Wilburn

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