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Wed May 2 17:28:39 PDT 2007

On Wed, May 02, 2007, Daina Wilburn wrote:
>Hi everyone, 
>So the time for our next meeting is approaching very soon- less than two
>weeks, and I'm searching for a speaker.  Actually, it would be great if
>we could get a couple of volunteers for upcoming months.  If you can't
>get something together for this month, but could commit to, say, August,
>or Novemember, or June, then that would be great as well.  But in the
>near-term, if you know of someone that you would recommend, please
>forward this onto them or let me know and I'll try to reach out to them,
>or if you feel an urge to purge some important, or not so important
>words of wisdom, please let me know, OK?

I was talking to Tim Maher at LinuxFest last weekend, and
suggested that I could talk comparing perl and python which I've
been using extensively while working with Zope and Plone.

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