SPUG: not_quite_XML::Parser

Michael R. Wolf MichaelRWolf at att.net
Wed Feb 14 21:15:37 PST 2007

Unknown.  I don't know how XS stuff works.

'cpan install XML::LibXML' failed with lots of messages in a *.xs file,
seeming to relate to C symbols.  At the time, I had the cygwin libxml2
package installed (version 2.6.26-1).  After installing the libxml2-devel
and libxml2-doc packages (same version), the 'cpan install' worked fine.

Don't know if this anwered your question.  If not, let me know how else I
can help.


Michael R. Wolf
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> Michael R. Wolf wrote:
> > I finally got XML::LibXML to work on cygwin.  Originally, I only had the
> > libxml2 library installed.  Once I installed the development kit and
> > documentation that went along with it, the XML::LibXML Perl module
> > installed without hitch.
> So there were header files or something in the development kit that were
> needed?  Is it complicated enough to build that it might be a good idea
> to have a pre-built cygwin package for it?

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