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Thu Dec 13 09:28:04 PST 2007

Bradson's Eastside client who is involved with community based networking,
has a job requirement for a Perl Programmer to start in a January 2nd time
frame.  The required skill set is as follows:

- Extensive Perl experience. 
- Experience with Apache and mod_perl a plus. 
- Perl web framework experience (especially Template Tookit or
  CGI::Ex:App) a plus.
- PostgreSQL or Oracle experience is a plus. 
- Email application experience a plus. 
- BS/BA from an accredited college or university. Commensurate level of
  experience may waive the educational requirement.

This is a 6 month contract-to-hire position through our office at a
$40/hour +/- contract range depending on experience.  You can be W-2
through us that includes medical benefits on top of your contract rate or
you can consult as a 1099.  The conversion range will be 80-90K. This
position is located in Renton, WA.

Our client purchased a membership database last year. It has about 30
million members and the application was written in Perl. There are 2
developers, one BSA, 1 email marketing manager and a lead. They need to
add on one more developer.  We are looking for people that can rewrite the
prexisting code and stream line the code.  Currently the code is too
buggy. It seems like there are to many layers in the code to preform

The First Three Tasks: 

- Re-factor and enhance a custom daemon-oriented email processing
- Help architect and implement a unit testing and QA framework. 
- Add instrumentation and enhance logging in a large, established social
  networking application.

Potential Role Evolution: 

- Re-factor and potentially re-implement web, email and administrative
- Drive deployment and continuous testing design. 

If you are interested and if you are a local candidate, please contact:

Jennifer Halabi
Recruiting Associate
Bradson Technology Professionals




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