SPUG: September meeting?

John Costello cos at indeterminate.net
Mon Sep 11 19:57:25 PDT 2006

On Mon, 11 Sep 2006, Eric Wilhelm wrote:
> And just in case waiting that long is too nerve-wracking, you can take a 
> trip to Portland and get an early dose of Perl Mongers here.  Hey, you 
> might even catch a glimpse of chromatic in his native habitat (though I 
> can't promise anything -- not having paid his standard "plaster my name 
> on your promotional material" fee.)
>   A Panel on Craftsmanship
>   Sept 13th, 6:53pm,  1731 SE 10th Ave., Portland, OR
>   http://pdx.pm.org/kwiki/
> Okay, so it's more like "if you happen to be in town" :-)

I thought the address was familiar.  The event is being held at Free Geek, 
<http://www.freegeek.org/>.  If you have finally decided to get rid of 
that PDP-11, why not donate it to Free Geek.  (There's a branch in 
Olympia, too.)  Donations are tax deductible, and they use the hardware to 
train people on computer hardware maintenance and Linux.  All-in-all, a 
very nice organization.  They will charge for recyling of certain hardware 

The Lucky Lab Brewing Company is a fine place for beer near there, though 
you should like dogs (or at least not be afraid of them).  If anyone wants 
tips on other places in the area, email me on list or off.  I used to live 
a few blocks away, and I still know quite a bit about the neighborhood 
(food, caffiene, breakfast, lovely gardens for walks, etc.).


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