SPUG: September meeting?

Eric Wilhelm scratchcomputing at gmail.com
Mon Sep 11 16:42:45 PDT 2006

# from jerry gay
# on Monday 11 September 2006 11:38 am:

>yes, tuesday, 19 sep, my mistake.
>> > chromatic (o'reilly technical editor and scary perl hacker)
>> > will be joining us.

And just in case waiting that long is too nerve-wracking, you can take a 
trip to Portland and get an early dose of Perl Mongers here.  Hey, you 
might even catch a glimpse of chromatic in his native habitat (though I 
can't promise anything -- not having paid his standard "plaster my name 
on your promotional material" fee.)

  A Panel on Craftsmanship
  Sept 13th, 6:53pm,  1731 SE 10th Ave., Portland, OR

Okay, so it's more like "if you happen to be in town" :-)

perl -e 'srand; print join(" ",sort({rand() < 0.5}
  qw(sometimes it is important to be consistent)));'

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