SPUG: Tech Books (Perl and other technical goodies) via SPL and KCLS

Michael R. Wolf MichaelRWolf at att.net
Sat Oct 14 17:07:18 PDT 2006

Great.  Thanks.  I've always thought that giving a card number to spl.org
was much more fun than giving a card number to amazon.com!!!!

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> Subject: SPUG: Tech Books (Perl and other technical goodies) via SPL and
> Holders of Seattle Public Library cards may access Safari Books Online,
> including several Perl books online, using their SPL library cards.  If
> you want to read an entire eBook or just dip into one for reference, they
> are accessible from
> <http://www.spl.org/default.asp?pageID=collection_digibooks>,
> along with the rest of the SPL eBook collection.
> King County Library System cardholders may access a number of books from
> Books 24 x 7 at <http://www.kcls.org/cgi-bin/ipcheck?books24x7>.  Books 24
> x 7 doesn't offer the ORA books, however.
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