SPUG: Minimal Perl update; free chapters, paperback is shipping

Tim Maher tim at consultix-inc.com
Sat Oct 14 09:47:34 PDT 2006

From:  Tim Maher, Consultix
  Re:  Update on "Minimal Perl" book

If you like free samples--and who doesn't--you can now download three
chapters of Minimal Perl for free, via links at http://MinimalPerl.com:

 * Perl as a (better) grep Command (Manning Publications web site)

 * Perl as a (better) find Command (UNIX Review web site)

 * Scripting Techniques            (Manning Publications web site)

The paper edition of "Minimal Perl for UNIX/Linux People" began
shipping from the publisher (http://manning.com/maher) on Oct 10.
I'm told that other booksellers won't have the book in stock for
about 3 more weeks, so the publisher is currently the only vendor
providing fast delivery.

Those preferring digital (and therefore /searchable/) books can buy
the E-book for $22.50 at http://manning.com/maher

Useful articles on topics that didn't make the final cut for the book
due to space limitations are available at http://MinimalPerl.com

Reviews of the book are coming soon from people at UNIXreview.com and
The Perl Review.

Finally, I'll be giving a free talk on Minimal Perl to the Seattle
Area System Administrators Guild on November 9th; see
http://MinimalPerl.com for further details.

P.S. So far, only 10 typos have been found, which ain't bad for a
504 page book!  But more may be lurking between the lines ...
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