SPUG: request for speakers

Eric Hanchrow offby1 at blarg.net
Tue Nov 14 12:24:31 PST 2006

>>>>> "Colin" == Colin Meyer <cmeyer at helvella.org> writes:

    Colin> How about we not cancel the meeting.  If no one is
    Colin> organized enough to present a regular talk, then we can
    Colin> have informal discussions about our projects, and cool
    Colin> stuff (e.g.  pugs, parrot and so on).

I'd like that.  I've never come to a Seattle.pm meeting and was
planning on showing up next week.

In the movie Ghostbusters, there's a sign in the background of
one scene that says, "Danger! 10,000 Ohms!" I cannot explain to
laymen why people like me think that is uproariously funny.
        -- Steven den Beste

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