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Tue Nov 7 09:57:57 PST 2006

International transportation is one of the three fastest growing
industries. Our Client, a Fortune 1000 company, is a leader in this growth
sector. Their culture of organic growth, promotion from within, combined
with a strong management team and unique compensation structure makes them
one of the top in their field.  They are highly trained, motivated,
focused and are committed to their customers.  Their job is to make sure
that from raw material to finished goods sitting on the retail shelf, they
provide the critical services and information necessary to give their
clients a competitive advantage in the management of their supply chains.

They are seeking a Perl programmer to upgrade and fix bugs in their
customized version of Bugzilla.  The programmer should be proficient with
MySQL, Unix and capable of maintaining Bugzilla code.  You will direct our
Unix System Administrators to accomplish the following tasks.


Fix Data Corruption Issues in customized Bugzilla application

* Upgrade MySQL to version 4.0-stable or 4.1-stable
* Convert database tables to use InnoDB tablespaces
* Upgrade Perl, if necessary
* Upgrade Perl DBI/DBD, if necessary
* Align the customized Bugzilla database schema with the official
  Bugzilla 2.18 release (the only difference being the categories)
* Perform necessary data cleanup
* Identify & isolate the custom code. Original & current versions were
  checked into CVS so diffs are easy.
* Fix the customized Bugzilla codebase to align it with official
  Bugzilla 2.18 database schema

Upgrade customized Bugzilla to Version 2.20-stable

*	Fix installers to not overwrite schema customizations
*	Integrate custom code with Version 2.20

If you or someone you know is interested, please contact Andrea Estes,
Recruiting Lead with Chameleon Technologies, at
andrea at chameleontechinc.com or 425-827-1173. Thank you!

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