SPUG: SPUG volunteer coordination mailing list

Andrew Sweger andrew at seattleperl.org
Fri Jan 20 09:43:05 PST 2006

I have created (well, actually David Cross created) a mailing list for
SPUG activity coordination. This is to help support the distributed nature
of our volunteer efforts without cluttering this list with administrivia.

The list is publicly archived and anyone is welcome to subscribe.
Currently, only subscribers may post to the list (but I suspect this will
need to change at some point).

To subscribe, please go to the following link.


Thank you.


David Golden has published his slides[1] for his Inside-Out Objects talk
at the recent Perl Seminar New York. Things have advanced even more since
Damian Conway's Perl Best Practices book; my first practical introduction
to the concept. I talked to David about visiting Seattle sometime this
year to give his presentation. He's itching for a PNW visit (perhaps to
coincide with OSCON '06). Keep your fingers crossed.

[1] - http://dagolden.com/talks/20060117_whats_all_the_fuss.pdf

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