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This company is the nation's largest independent broadband services
company, focused on meeting the needs of discerning businesses,
professionals and those who depend on the Internet for higher
productivity in life. They manages their own private fiber-optic
national network, ensuring fast connections, low latency, and an
unparalleled degree of security protection from the public Internet.
Their full range of products -- from OneLink and VoIP, to business
bandwidth solutions and gaming services -- offers features and benefits
that other providers can't match. Their broadband services are available
in most metropolitan areas within the 48 contiguous United States.

Position Summary: 
In this position, you'll be responsible for the quality development of
new products and services, of back-end automation, and for supporting
their Perl-based OSS as we begin a transition to a Java-based
technology. This is an exciting opportunity to exercise your Perl skill
set while at the same time learning Java and its supporting

Your responsibilities include but are not limited to:
*Support the existing Perl-based OSS including bug fixes, management of
releases and improvements
*Learn Java from their experienced Java developers through coaching and
by working to facilitate the integration of these technologies
*Analyzing business processes and applying current and future technology
to improving overall productivity
*Working with other teams throughout the company to determine the
feasibility, requirements and technical design on assigned projects.
*Designing and developing highly automated web-based systems, primarily
using object-oriented mod_perl and XML over HTTP.
*Carrying out testing and documentation of all systems developed.
*Providing ongoing support, maintenance and enhancement of systems. 

To be considered, you must be creative, passionate about process
improvement, have strong technical ability with Perl, SQL, SOAP and
related technologies. The successful candidate will have an in-depth
knowledge of software development methodologies, and an ability to
communicate effectively.

You must also have the following skills and experience:
*BS in Computer Science or equivalent work experience
*5+ years solid development experience with object-oriented Perl,
mod_perl, XML and HTML in a dynamic, fast-paced environment
*5+ years with Operations Support Software
*Database development and design experience with SQL and Oracle
*Understanding of various software development lifecycle methodologies,
configuration management (CVS) and object-oriented software development
*Detailed knowledge of web application architecture and infrastructure
*Experience with Linux (primarily Debian and secondarily Red Hat) and
with Apache httpd
*Ability to work well independently or within a team, especially
cross-functional teams
*Excellent written and verbal communication skills
*Ability to determine unique and creative solutions to problems within a
rapid development environment
*Java development experience a plus 

Byron L. Cassell 
Technical Recruiter  

Volt Technical Resources | 12101 Tukwila International Boulevard, Suite
210 | Seattle, WA 98168
bcassell at volt.com | t: 206.444.5600 | f: 206.444.5900 

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