SPUG: JOB: Seattle Central, Instructor of Web Programming in Perl

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Wed Sep 7 09:24:38 PDT 2005

The IT Programs Department at Seattle Central Community College provides
IT education in the areas of Networking, Databases, Programming, Web
Design/Development.  We have an immediate need for an instructor to teach
ITC 216 Web Programming using PERL and ITC 280 Web Databases with
PHP/MySQL.  ITC 216 is a server-side programming class geared toward Web
Developers and Programmers, while ITC 280 is similar but adds database
functionality to web sites using MySQL.  Students have, at minimum, 3-4
quarters programming experience (1/2-1year).  ITC 216 will be offered
Mondays/Wednesdays 1-3:15, ITC 280 will be offered Mondays/Wednesdays
Persons interested in pursuing this teaching opportunity must have
advanced knowledge of the programming language being used, and its
applications to Web Development, including a minimum of 3-4 years industry
experience in Web Development.  Previous teaching experience is desired,
but not required.  This is a contract position for the fall quarter
(duration September 26-December 20); instructor would have a very short
time frame to develop a syllabus for the class before the start of the
quarter.  Pay scale averages $4000/class, depending on experience.  
Placement would be directly with Seattle Central.  We are located at 1701
Broadway, Seattle WA.  This is an on-campus course, telecommuting is not
an option.  Interested persons should send an email indicating interest
and a resume to Lisa Sandoval at lsandoval at sccd.ctc.edu .  Course outlines
are available upon request.
Lisa Sandoval
Information Technology Programs
Seattle Central Community College
1701 Broadway 2BE 3166
Seattle, WA  98122
Phone:  (206) 287-5558  --direct line
        (206) 587-6327  --front office
Email:  lsandoval at sccd.ctc.edu

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