SPUG: Perl needs a better IDE article

Keith Reed keith.reed at philips.com
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by way of discussion, I wonder if any part of Perl's lagging is caused by 
modules falling out of support by ActiveState's release of Perl.   One 
example that comes to mind is GD::Graph.    We built some web-based 
lines-of-code graphing/trending programs, and over the course of time, the 
GD packages were no longer built or bundled with ActiveState's Perl.

We have also had trouble with Microsoft's CommonDialog control no longer 
working from our Perl command-line programs.   Even some Tk stuff has 
broken with the most recent release of Perl.

As a language, Perl is cool.   It has made some pretty difficult tasks, 
reasonable.   We're starting to look a C# and the .NET framework, because 
MS has seemingly taken a Perlesque approach to the language and provided 
soooo many libraries and components.

As always, we plan on using (at least what we think is) the right tool for 
the right job, and Perl is so versatile.


Tim Maher 
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SPUG: Perl needs a better IDE article

Go to www.perl.com, and click on the "Improving Perl's Tools"
graphic in the upper left corner, for an interesting article. The
author feels that one reason that Java is eating Perl's lunch in
the enterprise is that Perl's development tools, which for most
JAPHs are simply vi or emacs and PerlTidy, are many years behind
Java's. He talks about ECLIPSE, and other IDEs, that could be
enhanced to close this gap. It's a well written and extensively
researched article, so check it out!
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