SPUG: How great it is! Perl, that is.

Michael R. Wolf MichaelRWolf at att.net
Thu Oct 20 06:50:34 PDT 2005

At an MIT Enterprise Forum dinner meeting last night, I sat next to a
software engineer who seemed to have been sucked (somewhat against his
preference) into projects that were very centered on Microsoft product and
tools.  When I told him that most of my development was in Perl, his
reaction was spontaneous and genuine:

    I love Perl, and I don't even know it.
      -- Steve Land, Codesic Consulting

Later in the conversation, after we had talked about how powerful and
expressive Perl is, he again reconnected me with why I love this language:

    The fact that Perl exists makes me happy.
      -- Steve Land, Codesic Consulting

Sometimes it takes an outside perspective to realize that the grass is
*really* green on this side of the fence.

Michael R. Wolf
    All mammals learn by playing!
        MichaelRWolf at att.net

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