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Duane Blanchard dblanchard at gmail.com
Tue Nov 15 10:45:52 PST 2005

Sorry, I started a response and didn't get it sent off yesterday.
Still, three really isn't a crowd.

I'm on board for a full level of commitment and responsibility. Most
in the goup don't know me, and those who do probably don't remember
me. I have only made one meeting, and mostly been a consumer on the
mailing list. (Thanks to everyone for all your help/responses.)  I'm
at a good point in my life to start giving back a little more, and
this is what I'm choosing. (I was a scoutmaster for the past three
years and, while fulfilling, it hasn't been something I could really
throw myself into with abandon.)

I know I won't be able to make every meeting, but I think in groups
like this, whether the planner is going to be there is less important
than having made and publicized a plan. So, I volunteer to plan the
upcoming meeting, and maybe even bring cookies (the kind you eat).

For the record, Tuesdays are as good as any other day for me. Is there
a sense that people would prefer a different day?

I'm also going to plan a daytime event in Bellevue, somewhere near I-5
and I-90. Probably more social, but we'll see.

If you haven't added your address to the map,
(user: spug, pass: spugger), and want your location to be considered
in planning events please do it soon.


On 11/14/05, Michael R. Wolf <MichaelRWolf at att.net> wrote:
> > I propose that the next SPUG meeting be a "program committee" meeting.
> > For those who don't like committees or meetings, let's call it a working
> > session - brainstorming, visioning, planning, and committing to
> > deliverable meetings.
> >
> > I would facilitate (not lead - we'll all do that) such a meeting on the
> > regularly scheduled SPUG night - November 15 at a place TBD (ideas?).
> Due to low response (one participant, one host) I will *NOT* be facilitating
> this meeting (at least not this month).
> In the mean time, I'd suggest that we use the SPUG email list to discuss the
> kinds of events we'd like to attend, and to create.  If there's a match
> between what folks want to create and what folks want to consume, it looks
> like we've got a starting point for a meeting.
> In the mean time, I've got a Perl programming gig (announced on this list)
> that's keeping me busy until the end of the year.  Thank you SPUG!!!
> I'll revisit sponsoring a program creating core group after the new year.
> SPUG-a-liciously,
> Michael Wolf
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