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I agree with Aaron response, but I would make a very simple statement and 
solution.  Repeatedly running things at 15 minute intervals, when that may 
extend past 15 minutes just isn't a good idea.  Simply modify the batch 
file with a simple locking mechanism that says if a flagfile exist, do not 
start, and if it doesn't exist, create the flagfile and continue with your 
process, and finally remove the flagfile at the end.  In this way you will 
never fall into at least the quicksand, I'm sure others are waiting 
though.  This will automatically push emailed reports to be every 30 
minutes, or longer, if the 15 minute interval is too short.  Then, if you 
are not getting your reports often enough, you can then at least look into 
why that is, but at least your 15 minute cycle will not be part of the 

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  I have a question regarding perl performance.
I have batch file that executes the same perl
program a few times but with different parameters.
In other words there are different operations
being performed, sql reports are generated from
the database, files are moved around, files are
emailled, etc. This batch runs every 15 minutes
and occasionally there seems to be performance
problems. The thinking was that maybe some of the
perl calls are bumping into each other. For instance
a database call may be taking longer then expected.
Is there a way I can monitor this? When I have
tried to duplicate this it seems that each perl
call isnt made until the previous one finishes,
from the batch file. Am I incorrect here and
there might be other factors at play as far as
why performance issues are occuring? Any tools
available that I can use to monitor each running
perl call? Also since it only happens intermittently
I guess I am going to have to capture a lot of data?

Thanks in advance for your help!!!

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