SPUG: Calendar/scheduling system

Ron Pero spug at magnadev.com
Fri Mar 25 11:51:26 PST 2005

Since I asked the list about calendars/scheduling, thought I'd report
back with what I learned.

Thank you to Daniel Sabath and Tim Maher for your suggestions. 

Daniel has looked some at calendars, and these were the most promising
so far.
http://www.hula-project.org/Calendar_URLs (still in dev)

Tim told me that Fred Morris has a calendar "thingy".

Fred Morris does indeed have a calendar "thingy", and he emailed me a
description. Sounds pretty extensive, far more than a thingy.

Further research on the web taught me that while calendar applications
are abundant, scheduling apps are rare. Some people say their calendar
handles scheduling, when what they are really saying is that an admin
can post events/appointments, and this shows you your schedule. What I
was looking for was a way for someone, the public, to view a date which
lists open time slots, and then the person signs up for a particular

I came across two scheduling programs that I liked.

I like the cleanness of this one best. Pricing is an issue, and perhaps
needing to install multiple copies. I emailed them for info but they
have not yet replied. It is in Perl.
This one, by the same company, is for teeing up at golf.

http://www.php.brickhost.com ScheduleIt is in php and is open source.
The demo is here:
After logging in, select the first link on the left: Go to the Online

There are also hosted products, which I did not evaluate:
http://www.appointmentquest.com/ online scheduling $160/month for
multiple locations.
And others

As I mentioned in my original email, I needed to create a quick mockup.
However, the client, who is with a non-profit, woke up at 1:00 in the
morning with the realization that they can use their current online
accounting system to do their scheduling.

So, there. It was educational for me.

Thanks again,

Ron Pero

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> This is probably a bit off topic, but I think someone here 
> may have an answer for me.
> On short notice, I need to install a mockup of a 
> calendar/scheduling system that does this:
> * Different calendars for different locations. Each location 
> would have its own administrator who can edit anything on 
> their own calendar.
> * Users, the public, would select a location, which would 
> take them to that particular calendar. There the person would 
> select a date, then a time, and sign up for that time slot. 
> An email would be sent to the administrator.
> There certainly must be excellent applications like this 
> available, only I don't yet know of them and am under a time crunch.
> I'd certainly appreciate any recommendations anyone would 
> care to make. (Email me off list if you think that is more 
> appropriate.)
> Thank you,
> Ron Pero
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