SPUG: CPAN testing ... Hackers Night - 15 February 2005

michaelrwolf at att.net michaelrwolf at att.net
Tue Feb 15 11:07:02 PST 2005

Start with a little bit of testing, add some XP-style pair-wise programming, throw it against the CPAN and see what sticks.....

I started working on a SPUG-level project a while ago.  There's a movement, in fits and jerks -- any fits interested in adjusting the status quo?  :-) -- to help out some of the bigger module authors by adding some tests to their modules.  It's kinda the Fred Brooks surgeon paradigm.  There are a lot of prolific module writers that could use the community support to assist them where they can't do it all alone.  I'll collect some more information about the project.  This would be a great opportunity to practice some QA skills, learn a bit about the Test::* modules, especially Test::Simple, and to help out the quality of the CPAN repository.

Since my computer's down, I'll definately be doing pair-wise programming -- on *your* computer!  So even if you don't have some code to get creative with, bring your destructive minds, put on a QA hat and join in the fun.

Come play!

Michael Wolf

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