SPUG: When's the next meeting?

CJ Collier cjcollier at colliertech.org
Mon Feb 14 11:41:39 PST 2005

Yes!  Bring it to the meeting, I'm sure plenty of folks would be happy
to help you package you work.

I'll definitely sit down and hack on it with you for a while.


On Mon, 2005-02-14 at 19:15 +0000, Steve Cartoon wrote:
> G'day!
>    I've been working on a lot of Perl-based modules for astronomical and 
> astrological purposes. These have been converted from BASIC, Java, Lisp, and 
> C (these modules are the best-working from the three books Astronomy With 
> Your PC (1990), Calendrical Calculations (2000), Astronomical Algorithms 
> (1st ed), and complete VSOP87 data). I've got a number of them to work 
> together, but I think I need to learn something more on proper module 
> packaging in order to keep from defining things three or four times during 
> the scope of the subroutine and resultant calls to other modules. Passing 
> arrays to functions seems to be a difficult thing for me as well.
>    I've been studying Perl for a little more than eight years, although most 
> of my knowledge is stuff a properly-educated first year would have learned, 
> and I've only been using command-line-oriented Perl for the last two years.
>    Through all of that, Perl has proven time and time again to be the most 
> flexible language I've used out there (though PHP is a close runner-up).
>    Does this sound like the kind of stuff that would be found interesting by 
> the group?
>    Thanks!
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