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Richard Haynal Richard.Haynal at comcast.net
Wed May 12 19:37:53 CDT 2004

I had to once do that with perl. You can use DBI and either DBD-ODBC or 

James Moore wrote:

>AFAIK, the mdb file format isn't usable from anything other than Jet itself
>(the engine that writes those things - Access is built around Jet).  In the
>past MS has guarded the mdb format like a rabid dog, and since it's of
>dubious value I don't know of any non-MS attempts to read and write it
>directly.  Doesn't mean they don't exist, I just don't know about 'em.
>1.  Set up an ODBC driver on the Windows box that's going to run the
>database and talk to that.  I've never tried to hook Perl straight up to
>odbc, but it's probably straightforward.
>2.  (What I'd do, since #1 would require learning something new, and
>everyone knows that once you become a real estate agent your ability topi)
>Write to a mysql database which you then export via odbc to an access or a
>sql server setup.  On the sqlserver side run a query to select from mysql
>into a local table.  Haven't done this exactly, but I do use mysql databases
>in Access via odbc, so getting the rest of the way should be trivial (it's
>just a query once you're reading the mysql tables in Access).
>3.  (Warning - heresy alert)  Don't bother.  Your target is an MS-specific
>abomination.  Embrace the darkside and go with an all-MS solution.
>- James
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