SPUG: txt -> db

aaron salo aaron at activox.com
Wed May 12 10:17:21 CDT 2004


Although they may offend our sensibilities, sometimes these things are 
unavoidable. As a bonus, if you simply MUST get at an Access database 
cross platform (i.e., from a web server on your Linux box to a .mdb on a 
Windows box), here is a good step by step on setting up DBI::Proxy to do 
the trick.


More on point for your situation, if you are wanting info on how to set 
up the ODBC driver to "access" Access using Perl and DBD::ODBC, which 
sounds more in line with what you may be doing, you can skip the 
Proxy-specific steps and simply follow the steps for installing 
materials on the Windows machine, that is a subset of the instructions 
at the link above. Et Voila.

James' suggestion about using the myODBC driver in order to use Access 
as a front end for a mySQL database is also a very handy thing to do, an 
excellent plan if you have the freedom to do this for a longer term 
solution. Your users don't know anything about the back end, they just 
see Access and they are happy.

Good luck,

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