SPUG: SPUG is *not* dead!

Michael R. Wolf MichaelRWolf at att.net
Fri Mar 12 18:29:18 CST 2004

"I'm not dead yet."

There *will* be a SPUG meeting next Tuesday.

Formal announcement to follow. In the mean time, here's an informal

 > Date: Tuesday, March 16                                  >
 > Time: 7-9 p.m.                                           >
 > Place: To Be Determined                                  >
 >                                                          >
 > Primary presentation:                                    >
 >     The Perl Debugger                                    >
 >         by Andy Sweger                                   >
 >                                                          >
 > Informal presentations:                                  >
 >     Project lightning talks                              >
 >         by all of us                                     >
 >     (follow-up "hack session" on Thursday)               >

There are still some outstanding issues.


        We still need a venue. Please contact me if you'd like to
        trade your huge living room and large screen TV, or your
        employer's a meduim size meeting room and projector in
        exchange for the glory of being acknowledged in public for
        your contribution to the advancement of Perl.

        We still need a projector. Ditto on the acknowledgement, and
        thanks in advance if you could help with this.


        Meeting space is valuable. What's your price sensitivity for
        personal contributions toward *rented* space? Many of the
        professional meetings I attend cover this expense by yearly
        membership dues or per-meeting contributions of at least $10.
        I think we could minimize the cost, but as in
        life/business/engineering, there are trade-offs. What do you

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