SPUG: Perl Developer Gig

Jeff Almeida spud at spudzeppelin.com
Fri Jan 23 21:37:44 CST 2004

Also Sprach Michael R. Wolf:

>>         * Perl
>>         * Perl script

>What is Perl script? 

>I'd heard about a Perl equivalent of JavaScript that didn't catch on.
>Is this it? If not, what was that browser-embedded Perl thing called,
>and how's it doing?

That would be the animal... more properly "PerlScript" though not just on 
the client; just like there was a fetish about five years ago for what the 
then-Netscape "LiveConnect" people used to call "Server-Side JavaScript", 
there was also a movement to do ASP pages with PerlScript -- I believe it 
even used the same (on that OS from the EastSide) .dll-based Perl 
interpreter that its browser-ish cousin did.  IIRC, the whole exercise was 
the product of a long Norwegian winter, and about as well-received.

More likely (having worked with a nontrivial number of recruiter-types in 
my days developing HR applications), what they want is someone who can do 
shell-like scripting in Perl, much like the topic of one of Tim's talks.

jeff :)


Jeff D. "Spud (Zeppelin)" Almeida
Corinth, TX
spud at spudzeppelin.com

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