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The recruiter's probably talking about ActiveState's PerlScript, not generic
"perl script."  (Otherwise I agree distinguishing Perl vs. perl script
doesn't make much sense.)

"PerlScript is an ActiveX scripting engine that allows you to use Perl with
any ActiveX scripting host. At this time, ActiveX scripting hosts include:
Internet Information Server 3.0/4.0/5.0 
Peer Web Services 3.0/4.0 
Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0x 
Windows Scripting Host"

It's part of the default ActiveState installation.  I use it all the time in
web programming.  I played around with it some for command-line Windows
Scripting Host script eng but it's usually easier to write straight perl and
grab objects with Win32::OLE.  The syntax after that is about the same.
There are so few Perl installations in my typical customer base that I
haven't bothered writing any client-side browser scripts.

		-- David Innes

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Also Sprach Michael R. Wolf:

>>         * Perl
>>         * Perl script

>What is Perl script? 

>I'd heard about a Perl equivalent of JavaScript that didn't catch on.
>Is this it? If not, what was that browser-embedded Perl thing called,
>and how's it doing?

That would be the animal... more properly "PerlScript" though not just on 
the client; just like there was a fetish about five years ago for what the 
then-Netscape "LiveConnect" people used to call "Server-Side JavaScript", 
there was also a movement to do ASP pages with PerlScript -- I believe it 
even used the same (on that OS from the EastSide) .dll-based Perl 
interpreter that its browser-ish cousin did.  IIRC, the whole exercise was 
the product of a long Norwegian winter, and about as well-received.

More likely (having worked with a nontrivial number of recruiter-types in 
my days developing HR applications), what they want is someone who can do 
shell-like scripting in Perl, much like the topic of one of Tim's talks.

jeff :)


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