SPUG: New Meeting Location!!!!

Islandman schieb at centurytel.net
Fri Jan 23 15:20:28 CST 2004

Andrew Sweger wrote:
> Help find a new meeting location for SPUG. SPUG's last meeting at the
> Safeco Tower in the University District will be Tuesday, 17 February next
> month. That gives us just under eight weeks to find a new location.
> In honor of the fact that no one person will have all the answers, I have
> put up a page on the SpugWiki to help gather information on potential
> locations and monitor progress. As with most Wikis, it's up to everyone to
> make it work. Perhaps you know of some possible locations, but you don't
> have the time or feel comfortable talking to those organizations. Maybe
> you have fabulous social skills but have no idea who to talk to. Go to the
> PotentialMeetingLocations SpugWiki page and have at it, gang.
> http://spugwiki.perlocity.org/index.cgi?PotentialMeetingLocations

Curious, why did we rule out libraries? Many of them have meeting rooms.
Are they all full?

-Brian Schieber
Vashon, WA

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