SPUG: @INC on Windows

Joshua Lanza joshlanza at hotmail.com
Tue Feb 3 20:03:53 CST 2004

Thanks (all) for the responses. I was afraid this might require a rebuild.
I'll stick to "use lib" ...


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> > Anyone know how to permanently add a path to @INC on Windows? The reason
> > not using perl/lib or perl/site/lib is because I'd like to keep custom
> > modules separate from the standard ActiveState install.
> Need a rebuild to add permanently... however there are various
> ways to add other directories on the fly. From perlfa8:
>     How do I add a directory to my include path at runtime?
>      Here are the suggested ways of modifying your include path:
>      the PERLLIB environment variable
>      the PERL5LIB environment variable
>      the perl -Idir command line flag
>      the use lib pragma, as in
>          use lib "$ENV{HOME}/myown_perllib";
>      The latter is particularly useful because it knows about
>      machine dependent architectures.  The lib.pm pragmatic
>      module was first included with the 5.002 release of Perl.
> hth,
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> Charles DeRykus

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