SPUG: Update friendly community site in PERL

Islandman schieb at centurytel.net
Tue Dec 14 02:21:57 CST 2004

 Thanks. I've been reviewing a number of options and like the
CGI::Application / HTML::Template solution at this point. 
I'm picturing a site where the maintainer/admin will see flags for areas
which can be edited with a favorite HTML editor. 

Also, it needs the ability for the admin to add new pages based upon
existing templates, then click/edit editable regions which are stored in a
DB or files.

-Brian Schieber
Vashon, WA
bschieber at centurytel.net

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> From: Colin Meyer [mailto:cmeyer at helvella.org]
> Sent: Friday, December 10, 2004 12:08 PM
> To: Islandman
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> Subject: Re: SPUG: Update friendly community site in PERL
> Brian,
> I have developed many applications with a web front end and a database
> backend. Currently I am playing with Maypole (http://maypole.perl.org/).
> There are several mature Perl frameworks for web apps (e.g. Mason,
> CGI::Application). I like Maypole because it closely integrates two of
> my favorite modules: Template Toolkit (aka TT or TT2) and Class::DBI.
> The downside to Maypole is that it is relatively new. This means that
> problems are being ironed out on a regular basis, and that it lacks some
> of the features of a mature system, such as easy debugging. It is under
> active development, and the mailing list is active, so hopefully it
> will continue to improve. The current direction seems to be bug fixing
> without API changes.
> CGI::Application is far more mature, but it integrates more tightly with
> HTML::Template than with TT. HTML::Template is great; it just isn't my
> preferred templating module. I feel that it would be relatively easy to
> develop with Class::DBI and CGI::Application. Here's a good intro
> article on CGI::App: http://www.perl.com/pub/a/2001/06/05/cgi.html
> HTH,
> -Colin.

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