SPUG: Update friendly community site in PERL

James Moore james at banshee.com
Fri Dec 10 17:27:05 CST 2004

ONE/Northwest is having a Plone gathering; here's the mail that went out to
another mailing list (note that I have nothing to do with this, other than
cutting and pasting mail messages - I can barely spell Plone...):


Here is the announcement of our plone gathering again as requested at the
meeting last night. This time I included the date of the actual event.(Duh!)

Anyone interested in should feel free to join us but drop us a note so we
can provide food for you.  This meeting is geared toward folks who are
already developing sites in plone or are interested in doing so and are
looking for a support community to build upon your work.

Seattle Plone Gathering 
Wednesday January 26th
1402 3rd Avenue, Suite 1000 (kitty corner to Benroya Hall)
Seattle, WA 98122 
5:30 - 7:00pm 
RSVP to: andrew at onenw.org 
The purpose of the meeting is to identify ways to encourage systematic
knowledge sharing and establishment of a peer community around this tool.
ONE/Northwest has implemented over 40 Plone web sites for environmental
groups throughout the Northwest.

Internet connections grow when people Plone home (Seattle Times 11/13/04)


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