SPUG: FW: Aug 14th, 2004 GSLUG Mtg: Snapshots, MySQL

Ken Meyer kmeyer at blarg.net
Fri Aug 13 02:34:12 CDT 2004

The next Greater Seattle Linux Users Group (GSLUG) meeting will be on
Saturday, Aug 14th, 2004. It starts promptly at 10:00 a.m. at the
North Seattle Community College Campus.  We are confirmed for
Room IB 3319.  For directions and other details, please visit the GSLUG
monthly meetings web page at:


The topics will be as follows.  Lecturer's bios in trail.

  * 10:00am - Filesystem Snapshots Using Common Utilities, by Andy Sweger.

    Not all organizations can afford commercial products that provide
    time-series archives such as Network Appliance's Snapshot(tm). Others
    not be ready to implement solutions such as the open source Enterprise
    Volume Management System (EVMS).

    Some of the benefits of having easily accessible filesystem snapshots
    include permitting users and system administrators to detail changes in
    files over time or recover lost or damaged files. It is possible to
    similar features of other snapshot solutions using utilities common to
    nearly any computer in an efficient manner that doesn't waste disk
    This talk will show how anyone can create snapshots of a filesystem
    these utilities and easily access the information contained in the
    repository. Additionally, this talk will show how snapshots can be sent
    securely to a remote repository without losing file metadata and without
    requiring the remote server to trust clients. Utilities used in this
    demonstration include rsync, ssh, and the GNU cp command.

    In short: cheap filesystem snapshots sent over the network in a secure
    manner, without wasting disk space, using common commands including
    rsync, ssh, and cp, all bundled in a nice package.

  * 11:15am - The State of the Dolphin, by Brian Aker.

    The "State of the Dolphin" is a walk through how MySQL went from the
    basement to the Enterprise. Topics include what we have done and our
    roadmap for the next year. Attention will be paid to the latest features
    the 5.0 Alpha tree.


Speaker Bios:

Brian Aker

    Brian Aker currently works for MySQL as Director of Architecture.  In
    addition to his work on the MySQL Database Engine, he spends the
    rest of his time working on Apache, MySQL and Perl modules, which
    include mod_layout and the Apache streaming services module,
    mod_mp3. In the past, he has been involved with projects for the Army
    Engineer Corps, The Virtual Hospital, and Slashdot. He lives in Seattle
    his dog Rosalynd.

Andy Sweger

    Andrew Sweger is a Perl programmer and Unix system administrator with
    over a decade of experience and sole proprietor of Addnorya technology
    consulting in Seattle, Washington. He uses Debian as a foundation for
    his projects. He once built a database that tracked the daily changes in
    com/net/org SLDs, enjoys introducing others to the wonders of CVS, and
    loves solving complex problems by integrating free software. He also
    enjoys carpentry, woodworking, model trains, sailing, good wine, great
    beer, even better scotch, and almost anything with blinking lights.  He
    the heir apparent orchestrator of the Seattle Perl Users Group, SPUG.


The overall GSLUG meeting schedule is as follows:

 10:00 am       Lecture #1

 11:00 am       Break

 11:10 am       Raffle Quiz

 11:15 am       Lecture #2

 12:15 pm       Break

 12:30 pm       Raffle prizes giveaway

 12:35 pm       GSLUG Announcements
                      Announcements from attendees
                      Request for assistance

 1:00 pm ish    Formal meeting is adjourned, 'help/gab' session begins

                      * Informal PGP key signing
                      * Attendees can help those who requested assistance
                      * Install fest/assistance
                      * Talking, chatting, blathering, etc, etc

 4:00 pm        End of meeting

-- The GSLUG Crew


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