SPUG: Meeting Announcement -- Double Header - 17 August 2004

Bill Campbell bill at celestial.com
Thu Aug 12 00:48:37 CDT 2004

On Wed, Aug 11, 2004, Brian Ingerson wrote:
>On 11/08/04 21:34 -0700, Andrew Sweger wrote:
>>              August Seattle Perl Users Group (SPUG) Meeting
>>              ==============================================
>>        Title: Number Puzzler made possible by Object Oriented Perl
>>      Speaker: Tom Coleman
>>           and...
>>        Title: Zope / Plone
>>      Speaker: Bill Campbell
>Just wondering... is there any Perl tie-in to Zope/Plone which are most
>decidedly Python?

I plan to talk about the differences and the learning curve I've been
climbing as I learn python.  I've been using perl since perl-3.x.

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