SPUG: Non OO Graphing Modules?

Aaron W. West tallpeak at hotmail.com
Tue Apr 6 12:27:07 CDT 2004

> PGPLOT, which is non-OO (at least on the program-interface side),
> but it (yuck!) needs a *Fortran compiler* to install.

A full install of Cygwin includes g77.


Also takes around 350MB to download and uses 1.5GB disk space creating about
95,000 files...

Maybe I should have de-selected some packages. When I went to select
packages, the cygwin setup kept losing my selections if the mirror I
selected was not available or something, so I gave up making my selections
and just said All -> Install. Also, when I've done selective installations,
I often found I'd forgotten something I might want. Oh well, hard drives are
big and cheap these days...

I saw benchmarks showing Cygwin Perl to be 20% faster than Activestate... if
you build using a lot of GNU tools, the Cygwin environment may be
preferable. Mixing cygwin and win32 apps can work, but can sometimes be
problematic. Mostly I have problems with paths. Many Ocaml libraries have
bad makefiles that don't like my OCaml install path with spaces (c:\program
files\objective caml\bin), for example. (Guess it's time I switch back to

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