SPUG: Template Toolkit problems

kellan at protest.net kellan at protest.net
Thu Nov 13 03:25:53 CST 2003

Hi Tim,

I mostly use TT2 in a dynamic context so my expirence w/ ttree is limited.
However when I have used it the modification checking worked as expected,
don't know if that helps provide a data point for figuring out what is
going wrong.

> For example, after changing templates/lib/site/logo, which
> determines part of what goes into html/index.html, build won't
> usually recreate index.html.

Not sure about its dependency handling, though there was a patch added
last month to manually force dependencies.

> Another problem is that I can't figure out how to customize the
> navigation menu I get by default on the left side of every page; it
> definitely comes from templates/lib/config/map,

Is this some local file?  I don't have a config/map file in any of my TT2

My one coherent piece of advice would be ask on the templates[1] list,
Andy is incredibly helpful, and there has been a fair amount ttree
discussion going on lately.


1. http://www.template-toolkit.org/mailman/listinfo/templates

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