to 'Reply-to' or not to 'Reply-to', but this was the question -> "Re: SPUG:PDF concatenation tool?"

Dan Sabath dan at
Fri Jan 24 19:04:22 CST 2003

On Friday, Jan 24, 2003, at 11:45 US/Pacific, Michael R. Wolf wrote:

> Dan Sabath <dan at> writes:
>> I'm curious if there is a reason that the reply-to header is not
>> set.  I accidentally sent this privately to Tim rather than to the 
>> list.
>> -dan
> Dan,
<SNIP really really long reply>

As I have privately mentioned to Tim...all I wanted to be sure of was 
that this is the way we as a group wanted it and not some holdover from 
switching to the new list software.  I personally prefer the other way, 
but that is neither here nor there.


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