SPUG:Content Management software: opinions?

Dan Sabath dan at concolor.org
Wed Jan 22 03:37:25 CST 2003

I put together a listing of portals about a year ago. I haven't kept it 
up to date but you may gain some insight as to what's out there.
http://home.concolor.org/portals/. If you have any to add I'd be glad 
to list them.

I have used PHPNuke and would categorically disregard it and any 
derivatives other than PostNuke. I understand PostNuke did a complete 
rewrite of the PHPNuke code which was absolutely necessary. In my 
experience with open source, the more a project is forked, the higher 
the chance that something is wrong with either the management or the 
code. PHPNuke has both and as a result has been forked many times. I 
even had to fork to code in order to get it to work for me and I'm 
still having to deal with problems arising from that decision.

Just my 0.02$.


On Wednesday, Jan 22, 2003, at 00:31 US/Pacific, Kirby Krueger wrote:

> I'm poking around various different Content Management packages, 
> mostly just
> for fun at this point.  There's a lot of them: Slashcode, squishdot, 
> scoop,
> phpnuke, postnuke, everything, and many more.
> As a perl programmer, I tend to gravitate towards perl implementations,
> though there's some pretty strong support for phpnuke and postnuke to 
> be the
> easiest to install and use.  Postnuke certainly seems to have the 
> strongest
> community support at first glance, judging from the massive number of 
> plugin
> modules on their website.  (This is a plus: think CPAN.)
> Any of you have any experience with these things?  Recommendations,
> cautionary tales, and the like?
> -- Kirby

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