SPUG:Content Management software: opinions?

Kirby Krueger kirbyk at idiom.com
Wed Jan 22 02:31:06 CST 2003

I'm poking around various different Content Management packages, mostly just
for fun at this point.  There's a lot of them: Slashcode, squishdot, scoop,
phpnuke, postnuke, everything, and many more.

As a perl programmer, I tend to gravitate towards perl implementations,
though there's some pretty strong support for phpnuke and postnuke to be the
easiest to install and use.  Postnuke certainly seems to have the strongest
community support at first glance, judging from the massive number of plugin
modules on their website.  (This is a plus: think CPAN.)

Any of you have any experience with these things?  Recommendations,
cautionary tales, and the like?

-- Kirby

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