SPUG:Re: Question from Damian's talk on embedded code in regex

Jeremy Mates jmates at sial.org
Fri Jan 17 16:28:19 CST 2003

* Chris Wilkes <cwilkes-spug at ladro.com> [2003-01-17T10:31-0800]:
> Then I thought I would look around on the web for it.  Google might be
> great, but when you're looking for "embedded code perl regex" you're
> getting a lot of junk like "removing embedded newline" and some people
> say "regexp" or "regular expressions" or such.  If this process was
> somehow named something unique, like "perlembeddedcodeinregex" it would
> be easier to search for.  Plus you can't look for things like "?{" on
> google.


Is an interesting google test feature to play around with.

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