SPUG:Damianiacal Party, Sat. 1/18

Tim Maher tim at consultix-inc.com
Tue Jan 14 21:20:27 CST 2003


Colin Meyer (cmeyer at helvella.org) has bravely volunteered (or was
it the Giant Margarita speaking?) to host a party for Visiting Perl
Guru Damian Conway this coming Saturday, 1/18, from approx. 7pm
to midnight.

All SPUGsters, and alternative language scripters (python, ruby,
etc.) are invited.  Spouses/friends are welcome as well, even if
they program in Visual Basic or not at all (nearly the same thing 8-} ).

Partiers are asked to bring some drinks and snacks.  Smokers are
welcome too, but they must indulge outside the house.

Colin is out of town attending a conference, so please don't
bombard him with emails or phone calls.  When he has enough time,
he'll probably post some more details, such as driving directions.
In the meantime, you can figure out where he lives (near Southcenter
Mall) by using maps.yahoo.com, mapquest.com, etc., with this address:

Colin Meyer
10729 57th Ave S., Seattle WA

Looking forward to a good turnout and a fun time, to give
The Damian a great sendoff! (He leaves Sunday.)

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