SPUG:It's Feb 1, do you know where your OSCON proposal is?

Joshua Keroes jkeroes at eli.net
Wed Feb 5 18:21:18 CST 2003

Hope some of you will make it. Our usual webpage didn't quite make it
when I took over. We just started moving the DNS today. In the meantime,
use this webpage to find out everything you want to know about the next



PS Give me some fair warning if you'd like to talk. A who/what/why will
   make my job easier. Thanks.

On (Wed, Feb 05 14:50), Michael R. Wolf wrote:
> There hasn't (yet) been a groundswell for my "OSCON Proposal Fest", so
> here's another possible way to give a trial to your OSCON proposals
> prior to the submission deadline of Feb 15.
> I have worked out an invitation from the Portland Perl Mongers for us
> to participate in the lightning talks at their meeting next week
> (Wednesday, February 12 - Lincoln's BD).
> Here's what in it for you:
>  - Mongerish feedback on an OSCON idea prior to deadline
>  - Mongerish feedback on an idea that you'd like to work up to
>    eventually work into a full-size or half-size SPUG topic
>  - Mongerish networking
> If you're interested, let me know.  I'll coordinate the rides.
> Of course, you could also join the road trip just to *hear* the talks,
> but with that much time in the car, we should be able to come up with
> something for everyone to *speak* about.
> Co-Mongerly yours,
> Michael Wolf

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