SPUG:Feb. Mtg: Beginner's Night - Pod, About Perl

Tim Maher tim at consultix-inc.com
Sun Feb 2 10:50:23 CST 2003


Here's the announcement for the next meeting, the first "Beginner's
Night" of 2003.  On an administrative note, we've been having trouble
with unexpected dinner guests displacing those who've properly RSVP'd
at pre-SPUG dinners, so from now on those who don't RSVP to the list 
should not expect to be seated at the speaker's table.


         February 2003 Seattle Perl Users Group Meeting


  Speakers: Geoff Grosenbach & Jeremy Mates

      Time: Wednesday, February 18, 2002 7-9pm
  Location: SAFECO bldg, Brooklyn St. and NE 45th St.

      Cost: Admission is free and open to the general public.
      Info: http://seattleperl.org/

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            Talk #1: Formatting Documents with POD
                    by Geoff Grosenbach
Geoff will talk about Perl's own documentation system called POD (for
Plain Old Documentation). Topics will include:

        * Basic POD tags and syntax
        * Making pod2html look good with stylesheets
        * Targeting multiple output formats
        * Syntax/parser gotchas
        * A brief look at the code that parses POD (i.e. writing your
          own translator for a new or customized output format)

                 Talk #2: Learning about Perl
                      by Jeremy Mates
Jeremy will not talk about Perl itself, but rather about stuff that's
about Perl. Topics will include:

        * finding documentation and help
        * maintaining and upgrading perl
        * various coding practices
        * tips

About Jeremy:

Jeremy Mates is a systems administrator for the department of Genome
Sciences at the University of Washington. Primary responsibilities
include developing and supporting the backups, network, mail,
printing, and web services on Mac OS and UNIX systems in the

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Pre- and Post- Meeting Activities
The pre-meeting dinner will be at the Cedars restaurant, at
50th St. and Brooklyn, in the University District, near the
Safeco building where the meeting will take place. The phone
number is 527-5247. If you're planning to be there, please post a
message to the list with your expected arrival time (5:30-5:45pm
is recommended).  To be fair, from now on only those who comply
with the RSVP policy (and are therefore counted in the seating
reservation) will be allowed to sit at the speaker's table.

As usual, those seeking liquid input before (and/or after) the
meeting are invited to congregate at the nearby Finn MacCool's
tavern, at 4217 University Ave. North, (206) 675-0885.  (But if
somebody has a *specific recommendation* for an alternative location
that's more conducive to conversation, please let me know, and
we'll consider trying it out.)

See the web-site for more details.

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