SPUG:Is there a CPAN tool which will index my source so that I can drill down, much like the object browsers in most IDEs, but to the point where it ultimately executes and becomes data?

Fred Morris m3047 at inwa.net
Wed Feb 5 20:52:18 CST 2003

The subject should say it all... Should I have used an X-Subject? Multiple
Subject lines? Abstract? Summary? Keywords?

So the code just goes, and ultimately becomes data. And shows the data, and
works the data. This is what XML in the browser tries to be. It's what Perl
lets people do, but only once they internalize its DWIM and forget what
it's like to ride a bicycle.... Introspection should work on a structured
language if it is expected to work at all... and it should work on an
engineered language if it is expected to work on a natural language. And it
should work on a language if it is to fulfill its implicit goal of
utilizing computer-assisted means to augment human thought processes.

There are any number of constraints on this, for instance code would have
to "know" that it is capable of executing, that its constraints have been
met. (How "Smalltalkish"!)

How simple. How elegant. This might be more retro, and at the same more
organically revolutionary than LlamaCard/HyperCard by a generation! We
probably ought to have a lawyer, as I suspect this would land us smack in
the middle of any number of Johnson County/Powder River patents. (So, where
is that LlamaCard thing, anyway?)

Englebart is Bob! Jeff Rulifson just is! Do I know what I'm talking about?
I doubt it. Should I have posted this at all? Oh I don't know. "Steepest
Ascent". (Do you know what they succeeded in demonstrating?)

But if there is such a module out there on CPAN, somebody please tell me,


Fred Morris
m3047 at inwa.net

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