SPUG:Re: Korn Shell vs. PD-ksh

Michael R. Wolf MichaelRunningWolf at att.net
Mon Feb 3 14:03:46 CST 2003

"Richard Anderson" <richard at richard-anderson.org> writes:


> Running a big, complex ksh script may fail due to memory leaks in
> the Windows libraries that UWin uses.  (But we are all using Perl
> for anything longer than 50-100 lines, right?)

Does this imply that Perl doesn't leak?  If so, how did it get around
the leaky Windows libraries that Uwin had to (or chose to) use?

> I recommend UWin highly.  UWin works on post-95 Windows (Win98,
> Win2K, WinXP, etc.)  The installation procedure is a bit odd, but it
> works.  If you want the text man pages, be sure to install the groff
> package.


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