SPUG: Windows Applications in Perl

Asim Jalis asimjalis at acm.org
Fri Sep 13 02:22:21 CDT 2002

I have been looking into ways of making Windows GUI applications
with Perl and haven't found any good options yet.

Perl/Tk looks awful on Windows - especially the tree views and
the list views. Is there a way to give it a Windows look-n-feel?
Or at least make it somewhat pretty?

wxPerl looks much nicer (it has the native Windows L-n-F) but for
some reason Perl2Exe does not build the final script.exe
correctly if I use WxPerl.

I am basically trying to solve two problems: (a) Nice GUI. (b)
Simple deployment preferably as an EXE.

Also I saw prima which looks interesting
(http://www.prima.eu.org/). Haven't played enough with it yet to
know how stable it is.

Any body have any other ideas?


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