SPUG: installing perl mysql DBD - need C compiler?

Aaron Salo aaron at activox.com
Tue Oct 22 14:54:13 CDT 2002

I normally wouldn't suggest this, but as 

(a) this is your fun box, not a production server and 
(b) you say you are able to get a mysql db prompt (and presumably query it)
from the command line, 

there is a presumption that mysql is installed and talking on your box.
Thus chasing mysql issues wouldn't be the first tree I'd run up...it looks
like your DBD::mysql install was abortive, missing some junk and cannot
load dynamically. Or when you built perl did you build static? Questions
abound...easy one first. Let's presume all is well except you're missing
dynaload modules for DBD::mysql. There is an easy fix for this. 

from a CPAN shell prompt, try

force install DBD::mysql

I just installed on a box with no traces of mysql anywhere on it (it
connects to a different db server). using CPAN to install, it kvetched
massively about not being able to attach to the server on localhost to run
tests, but once I forced it to install (with the loadables yours is
complaining about), pointed it to the db server, all was well. like butter,
it was. mmmmm.

At the very least, after doing this, your error message will change to say
it cannot connect to the mysql server and give you the next bread crumb in
your diagnostic trail to grandma's house. 

At 12:32 PM 10/22/2002 -0700, Meryll Larkin wrote:
>Thank you all for your help.  I'm pretty sure by now that mysql never
>installed fully because I don't have a C++ compiler.  I'm still working
>on this and I'll keep you updated - later this week.

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