SPUG: Would like to give back

S Bullo sweetsue at sweethomes.com
Thu Mar 14 10:43:40 CST 2002

I've received so much super information from this list, I felt compelled to
"give back".

Through a website of mine, a request was made for a very specific program.

Wondering what you'd charge me for a cgi script that does the same job as
Will Bontrager's MASTER SUBSCRIBER PRO i.e. enable users to click on one or
more checkboxes for different ezines, then fill in their name and email
address and click submit, which sends email to all checked box locations.

Master Subscriber Pro is here


I would require rights to be able to use this script in a HTML course that I
teach my class in Computing Studies (topic "Ways to enhance your site with

If you are interested, please contact me personally and I'll refer you to
this gentleman.

Thank you so much!

Susanne Bullo
Technician - One Site Marketing

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