SPUG: June Meeting: "Damianiacal Mods, Part III"

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For our June meeting, Tim Maher be talking about the use of Damian's
Getopt::Declare module for easy parsing (betcha thought it was limited
to command-line argument handling, but it isn't), and the use of
Lingua::EN::Inflect to pluralize words where appropriate, and perform
other inflections.  The meeting announcement is included (way) below.

You can participate in this meeting too, by volunteering to talk 
about the "Damianiacal" modules that you use in your work. Those
wishing to get involved please contact tim at teachmeperl.com.


Damian's Perl Foundation funding is set to run out this month, so it's
important that those who value his contributions to the Perl community
step forward and support his work. To help motivate potential donors
toward this end, Consultix will be giving away some free seats for
Damian's July seminars in Kirkland (covering Perl 6, Adv. OOP,
Parsing, and Module Implementation; see http://teachmeperl.com). And
if you win a seat and you cannot attend, you'll be allowed to attend
one day of any Consultix training class instead.

Here's how it works: for every dollar you donate, you get a
commensurate number of chances to win a training day with "The
Damian", valued at $550. Those attending the meeting should bring
their checkbooks along, and those who cannot attend are encouraged to
mail their checks (made out to The Perl Foundation) to:

	POB 70563
	Seattle WA 98107

Please be sure to specify what name (and/or logo) you want to be
displayed on the Perl Foundation web site to commemorate your
(tax-deductible) contribution.

We'll announce the winners on July 4, so those mailing in
contributions are encouraged to post them by 7/2. Currently, Matt
Bustad is in the lead, with a $40 contribution.


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           June 2002 Seattle Perl User's Group Meeting
     Title: "Damianiacal Modules", Part III
   Speaker: Tim Maher, and possibly other SPUGsters
      Time: Tuesday, June 18, 2002 7-9pm
  Location: SAFECO bldg, Brooklyn St. and NE 45th St.
      Cost: Admission is free and open to the general public.
      Info: http://seattleperl.org/

        The theme for this meeting, continuing from the
        previous ones, will be a look at some of the many
        modules contributed by Damian Conway to the Perl
        Community (via CPAN).

        Not coincidentally, those attending these meetings
        will be told how they can help continue the flow of
        Damianiacal Modules by contributing to "The Perl
        Foundation." In addition, Consultix will be raffling off
        some seats to Damian's corporate July classes (see
        teachmeperl.com) for those who hand over checks made out
        to "The Perl Foundation" (no minimum).  So please bring
	your checkbooks along! 8-}

        Here's a list of Damian's currently released modules, from
        which you can pick and choose when designing your

		         Damian's CPAN Modules
	Coy	 	(Covered in April, by Jeremy Kahn)
	Filter-Simple 	(Covered in April, by JP Montagne)
	Getopt-Declare	** TO BE RE-COVERED IN JUNE, by Tim Maher
	Lingua-EN-Inflect	** TO BE COVERED IN JUNE, by Tim Maher
The recommended pre-meeting diner is the Cedars restaurant, at 50th
St. and Brooklyn, in the University District, near the Safeco building
where the meeting will take place. The phone number is 527-5247. If you're
planning to be there, please post a message to the list indicating your
expected arrival time.

As usual, those seeking liquid input are invited to congregate at the
Bigtime Brewery and Alehouse, to conduct their preparations before and
deliberations after the 7-9pm meeting.  See the web-site for more details.

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