SPUG: Local Dot Com Hires SPUG Programmer

SPUG-list-owner tim at consultix-inc.com
Mon Jun 17 08:12:24 CDT 2002

Some of you may remember when I asked if anyone was looking for Perl
work in the Seattle area during the Tuesday, May 21st SPUG meeting.

Two people expressed interest that night, and one has since been hired.
The other probably wasn't hired simply because he did not respond to
email or phone messages.

We need more top-notch mod_perl coders. The job listing is at
<http://jobs.perl.org/job/325>. Please contact Gary Gause
<gary at inobscura.net> if you are interested in the position.

Part of the screening process will be to take the Text::Forge test.
You'll be ahead of the game if you complete this prior to interviewing.

--------Text::Forge Test---------
(A) Install your own Text::Forge-enabled mod_perl/Apache Webserver.
Installation instructions (in 'Docs') and the download (in 'Files') are
available at <http://sf.net/projects/text-forge/>.
(B) Provide a working URL that hits a Text::Forge page that you create.
Customize 'test.tf' or create your own.
(C) Provide the source for the page you create.

Good luck!

Adam Monsen

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