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Marc M. Adkins Marc.M.Adkins at Doorways.org
Wed Jun 12 23:35:42 CDT 2002

> On the other hand, many CPAN modules show the lamentable results of
> inappropriately shoehorning simple procedural code into the OO model.

Which reminds me of one of my long-standing gripes with some object-oriented
languages, Java being my classic example, but C# as well and probably some
others.  The "Hello, World" program for C# (from the .NET documentation) is:

	// Hello1.cs
	public class Hello1
	   public static void Main()
	      System.Console.WriteLine("Hello, World!");

It is necessary to create a class in order to write a simple program!  As a
secondary kvetch, it is necessary to use a class library to write to the
console.  Intuitive, neh?  I leave the Perl version (which can be done at
the command line using -e!) as an exercise for the reader.

I find Perl congenial in that it _allows_ me to structure my code when I
need to but does not _force_ me to do so when I don't.  Or to put it another
way:  there are situations where I have the time, the motivation, and the
inclination to be a "good" programmer and there are situations where all
bets are off and I must hack like a demon and devil take all that software
engineering foo.  The hard part is usually knowing which situation I'm in at
any given moment.

So ends my diatribe on software libertarianism.  Vive l'anarchy!  Within
reason, of course.

Marc M. Adkins

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