SPUG: software libertarianism (was: Scope question)

dancerboy dancerboy at strangelight.com
Thu Jun 13 01:35:36 CDT 2002

Java and C# are meant for large-scale applications, not one-liners. 
Saying that Perl is superior to Java because you can write useful 
one-liners in it is like saying that a PowerBook is superior to a 
Cray supercomputer, because the PowerBook will fit into your backpack.

Perl and Java are very different tools designed for very different purposes.

BTW, I recently put some of my thoughts on this and similar subject online at:


(see especially this section:


)  I'd be curious to hear others' thoughts...


At 9:35 pm -0700 2002-06-12, Marc M. Adkins wrote:
>  > On the other hand, many CPAN modules show the lamentable results of
>>  inappropriately shoehorning simple procedural code into the OO model.
>Which reminds me of one of my long-standing gripes with some object-oriented
>languages, Java being my classic example, but C# as well and probably some
>others.  The "Hello, World" program for C# (from the .NET documentation) is:
>	// Hello1.cs
>	public class Hello1
>	{
>	   public static void Main()
>	   {
>	      System.Console.WriteLine("Hello, World!");
>	   }
>	}
>It is necessary to create a class in order to write a simple program!  As a
>secondary kvetch, it is necessary to use a class library to write to the
>console.  Intuitive, neh?  I leave the Perl version (which can be done at
>the command line using -e!) as an exercise for the reader.
>I find Perl congenial in that it _allows_ me to structure my code when I
>need to but does not _force_ me to do so when I don't.  Or to put it another
>way:  there are situations where I have the time, the motivation, and the
>inclination to be a "good" programmer and there are situations where all
>bets are off and I must hack like a demon and devil take all that software
>engineering foo.  The hard part is usually knowing which situation I'm in at
>any given moment.
>So ends my diatribe on software libertarianism.  Vive l'anarchy!  Within
>reason, of course.

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